Urban Construction Craft Academy tours Miami Worldcenter

Last month, the teens at Urban Construction Craft Academy‘s Summer Camp had an unforgettable experience on a hands-on tour of our 27-acre construction site. Founded by Bill Dozier, a general contractor and professor at Miami-Dade College, the Urban Construction Craft Academy is a nonprofit organization that provides participants with skill development, support services and mentorship in the construction industry, preparing students for the global workforce. The group put on their hard hats and toured different areas currently undergoing vertical construction.

1. UCCA Miami Worldcenter Site Tour

The tour was led by Nitin Motwani, Miami Worldcenter’s managing principal, along with Coastal Tishman Executive Vice President Jim Scarpace, from the project’s general contracting team, and partners from The Development Firm.

2. UCCA Miami Worldcenter Site Tour

4. UCCA Miami Worldcenter Site Tour

The future home of Miami Worldcenter’s open-air retail promenade and the 60-story PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter condominium was the first stop. The kids participated in a construction activity with the crew, which involved pouring cement and leaving their hand prints on-site. Here, they learned about the essential building blocks of construction as well as the safety measures employed to keep workers safe.

11. UCCA Miami Worldcenter Site Tour)

Next up, they walked to the site of the 444-unit Seventh Street Apartments tower, where they were hoisted up to the building’s completed floors overlooking the downtown Miami skyline.

12. UCCA Miami Worldcenter Site Tour

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