Top Five Things to See at Frost Museum of Science

Frost Museum of Science
The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is finally open and we have to admit, it’s pretty impressive. With four buildings and 250,000 square feet to explore, conquering the entire museum can be a feat. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top five things you won’t want to miss when visiting the new Frost Science Museum.


1. LASERsHOW: Light, Color and Geometry
Frost Museum of Science Laser Lasers
Encounter light in an entirely new way through an engaging experience in this four station gallery. Each station offers laser demonstrations that show you how light is bounced, bent, diffracted or recombined.


2. MeLaβ
Frost Museum of Science melab me lab
Exercise your senses in the most interactive space of the Frost Museum of Science. The entire family can get a MeLab card, choose an avatar and collect stamps as they come across the different learning stations in the lab. Or, just moonwalk across the interactive dance floor – that works too!


3. The (stunning) Aquarium
Frost Museum of Science oculus aquarium
You’ve probably already seen this on your Instagram feed but trust us when we tell you – the 13 foot wide oculus lens at the bottom of the 500,000 gallon Gulf Stream Aquarium is a sight you won’t want to miss. Take note, people tend to camp out under the oculus. So, consider a membership and plan your visit during member-only hours!


4. Feathers to the Stars
Frost Museum of Science
From animal flight to humans going airborne and space exploration, this exhibition covers everything aerodynamic. Learn about birds’ biomechanics, use a launcher to fly a paper airplane and land a spacecraft on Mars. Oh, there’s also a 30 foot dinosaur!


5. The Rooftop
Frost Museum of Science view
Pet stingrays, hang out with rescued birds and check out the top of the immense Gulf Stream Aquarium. While you’re up here, be sure to take in the spectacular views of Downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. They even have viewing scopes!

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