Construction Update Week of September 24, 2017

For your information, the following is a list of “Key” activities that will be occurring around the site over the next couple of weeks.

1. Paramount:

a. Concrete pours continue; pouring levels 21 and up.
b. Window installation continues.
c. Interior finishes starting on level 9.
d. MOT (map attached) – Water and Sewer connections; this work will be performed at night time only.

• Location: NE 1st Ave. between 9th and 8th St.
• Start Date: 09/28/17 End Date: 12/28/17
• Closure time: 8:00pm to 5:00am

2. 7th Street Apartments Project:

a. Concrete pour – elevator core continues.
b. Concrete slab pours continue.
c. Block installation on levels 20 and up.

3. Retail at Miami Worldcenter (Block D East):

a. Forming ledger beam at level 7M.
b. Tying in FPL duct bank for building power.
c. Forming and pouring garage crash walls.
d. Pouring level 2 west

NOTE: All Concrete pours anticipated to start at 1am.



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