Construction Update Week of Nov 16, 2020

For your information, the following is a list of “Key” activities that will be occurring around the site over the next couple of weeks. 

  1. Paramount:
    1. Villas and Level 7 Amenity deck continues
  1. Luma Tower:
    1. Interior build outs and stocking of building materials with the buck hoists
    2. Stucco and paint on the exterior on swing stages on the tower and the garage
    3. Pool deck construction
    4. Roofing on Block H
    5. Roof top build out including mechanical work on the Luma tower roof
    6. One lane Closure:
      - Location: NE 1 Ave between NE 5 and 8 Street
      - Dates: 11/16/20 thru 12/04/20

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992214-MWC image 2

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