Construction Update Week of April 24th, 2017

For your information, the following is a list of “key” activities that will be occurring around the site over the next couple of weeks.


1. Paramount:

a. Concrete pours on Slab, columns and walls continuing on level 7 – all concrete pours start at 1 am.
b. Concrete Pour – Vertical 7th to 8th floor.
c. Fire mains install on Level 1.
d. Buck Hoist Installation.
e. Plumbing and Electrical installation.
f. Garage excavation on footers and backfill SOG for Tower.

2. 7th Street Apartment Project:

a. Pouring garage foundation continue; all concrete pours start at 1 am.
b. Drywall framing starting on Level 2.
c. Floor Masonry on Level 5th and 6th.
d. MEP Installation is ongoing.
e. Level 7 – Elevator Lobby Concrete Pour; all concrete Pours start at 1 am.
f. Level 12 to 13 shear wall pour.
g. Concrete Pours on Level 11 and 12; all concrete pours start at 1am.
h. Pouring garage foundations continues; concrete pours start at 1 am.
i. Windows delivery.

3. Retail at Miami Worldcenter:

a. Excavation on all footings and Site preparation for civil works continues.
b. Rebar installation and form work for foundations.
c. First lift of columns.
d. Concrete Pour – Placing 900 yards at south enlarged footing; all concrete pours start at 1 am.
e. Concrete Pour – on Columns 20 yards daily; all concrete pours start at 1 am.

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