Best Balcony Activities

As the South Florida summer continues, balconies have become the best places to hang out in Downtown Miami – but sometimes, just sitting outside can become a little mundane. In the spirit of enjoying Downtown Miami’s vibrant ambiance, we’ve crafted a list of the 10 best balcony activities to keep the good times rolling.

avrielle-suleiman-GpVak9-cL6E-unsplash (1)

  1. Rise with the sun and some early morning balcony yoga – just lay out a mat, take a deep breath, and break into your best Warrior pose.
  2. Jump out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise over Miami’s urban core.
  3. Put on your favorite playlist and start an outdoor jam session (dance moves and all!).
  4. Get cozy with your favorite book.
  5. Embrace your green thumb with some balcony gardening.dfd
  6. Let the Downtown Miami views inspire you and unleash your inner artist with a painting session.Capture
  7. Treat yourself to an outdoor spa day – grab your go-to face mask and jade roller to add a little razzle dazzle.
  8. Lay out and enjoy the warm Miami sun rays – don’t forget your sunscreen!
  9. Take in the Downtown Miami night sky and study the constellations.
  10. Start your morning off with a mediation session and find your inner peace.





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